How Overpayments Occur

Most Purchasing, Receiving and Accounts Payable departments within an organization are equipped with sophisticated computer systems, productive and lean staffs and challenging deadline commitments. Most organizations do not have specialists dedicated to identifying and recovering overpayments to suppliers and taxing authorities. OPR’s team of specialists is committed to the recovery of lost revenue to your organization.

Overpayments are created internally as well as externally. To name a few examples, overpayments are due to: complicated and multiple supplier invoices, system control weaknesses, and ever-changing tax laws from state-to-state. As a result, vendors may be paid unintentionally, or paid on multiple occasions for the same invoice, or paid tax for non-taxable items. Additionally, the misunderstanding of a purchased item’s use or the misinterpretation of a tax code, or both, can result in an overpayment.

The good news is overpayment errors can be identified and recovered and OPR welcomes the opportunity to help provide your organization with substantial recoveries.

Routine Recoveries

Duplicate Payments

Erroneous Payments

Deposits or Prepayments Not Deducted From Final Billings

Incorrect Sales and Use Tax Charges

Missed Vendor Credits

Missed Credit for Returned Goods or Canceled Service

Pricing Errors

Missed Discounts & Allowances

Audit Process

Overpaid Payables Recovery, Inc. (OPR) provides comprehensive Accounts Payable and Sales Tax auditing services. We review for undetected vendor payment errors, sales and use tax assessments, pricing structure of utility and communication billings, vendor credit statements and real estate leasing contracts.

Orientation to Client's Systems and Procedures for Vendor Payments


Paper Review of Payment Transactions

Download of 4-Year Payment History


Recovery of Overpayment

Digital Analysis of Payment History


Management Summary Report of Findings and Recommendations

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